My Crazy China Birth Story

What happens when your waters break six weeks early in a foreign country and you’re hours away from the hospital, which you need to get to by boat?
A crazy China birth story, is what.


How to drink tea like the Chinese

Tea to the Chinese is what wines are to the French. Serious business.

Hutong hideout in Houhai, Beijing

Sure, there are the big must-see monuments you have to hit while in Beijing.

But for a break from the bustle of this mega-city, explore the labyrinth of hutongs down the backstreets of Houhai.

China Highlights Tour

Now seven months pregnant, and with my parents-in-law in tow, we are setting off on a 10-day tour of China, exploring Beijing, Pingyao, Xi’an and Guilin!

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Zǒu ba! (Let’s go!)

Dîner à Paris : Learn to cook like the French

French food.

You just say the words and your mouth starts watering.

Now imagine you could cook these wondrous foods yourself.

Ce n’est pas possible!

Mais, oui.

Under the guide of a French local in his trendy Parisian apartment, a few friendly strangers and I learn how.

15 things to know before visiting China

While western amenities are becoming more common in China, but there are still a few surprises that can catch travelers unawares.

Here are a few tips I’d wish I’d known before visiting this fascinating and at times, frustrating, country.

Cinéma under the Parisian stars

Who doesn’t love the movies? Sure, Netflix, Hulu and streaming services now dominate date night. But deep down it’s not quite the same, and you can start to feel oddly unbalanced in the weeks without sitting in front of a 30-foot screen and peppering yourself in popcorn.   If there is anything I love more than putting on my…

Crown yourself Emperor at New Yuan Ming Palace

Look, I don’t know. It just happened, OK?

One minute, we’re exploring the replica of Beijing’s Old Summer Palace and the next, I am up to my elbows in Imperial royalty robes of the Qing Dynasty.