15 things to know before visiting China

While western amenities are becoming more common in China, but there are still a few surprises that can catch travelers unawares.

Here are a few tips I’d wish I’d known before visiting this fascinating and at times, frustrating, country.


Happy Chinese New Year … from hospital!

Featuring ‘hilarious’ anecdotes such as, ‘How not to do a squat-toilet sample’ and ‘That time the Doctor punched me in the back’.

Sprout of Control: the strangest, new trend to take over China

Move over flower crowns, bean sprouts are where it’s at. In the latest (and perhaps strangest) new fashion in China, women and men are wearing fake, clip-in bean sprouts in their hair. Beijing fashionistas have been sporting the bean sprouts for the last few months. I was incorrectly assuming this was another “Beijing thing” when…

That time we ended up in a Chinese music video

I’m standing to the side of a Chinese pop star, over-enthusiastically clapping, swaying and sweating under some piercingly bright stage lights. Anyone can tell from my half-gritted smile that this pale foreigner has no idea what she’s doing here. On either side of me, is my husband, and sister-in-law (who is visiting for just a few…