Review: The Legend of Kung Fu

If you ever find yourself in Beijing and are a Western visitor who doesn’t mind the occasional “touristy” thing – then the Legend of Kung Fu theatre show is for you.

Oh Lord Jesus It’s a Fire

The show is not off to a good start.

Not because of any theatrical shortcomings, but because we are stuck in traffic with a huge fire raging outside the window.

This fire close to the venue didn’t make me feel nervous at all…

After a slow crawl to the huge red-cube theatre (aptly named the Red Theatre), we run into to our seats inside and sit down trying to go unnoticed.

This giant red metal cage looks more burlesque than kung fu but don’t worry, it’s legit.

I really had little idea what to expect, as the stage performances I have seen in China have ranged from over-the-top corny to brillant.

Thankfully, this show is the latter of the two.

The 80-minute spectacular is filled with talented Kung Fu dancers and features actual Shaolin monks.

Photo credit:

Despite it being a small theatre, the set design and lighting is stunning and really gives the performances that extra oopmh.

Not like they’d need it.

The energetic performers leave the audience full of wide eyes and dangling jaws with their amazing stunts.

Such as the below ‘trick’ featuring a bare-chested man mounting himself on giant pointy trident. Look Mum, no hands!

Photo credit:

It’s not just action-packed tricks and flips though – the show has a storyline, too, following the journey of a boy to become a Kung Fu master and attain enlightenment.

English-speaking audiences will be thrilled to know that this show is in the universal tongue, with Chinese translated onto a red-neon board above the stage.

It’s important to note that this show is much more of a song-and-dance display than a solid hour of hard-core Kung Fu.

Like us, the show will surely leave you buzzing and satisfied, and with a strange desire to want to go home and watch Karate Kid.

Useful info

Red Theatre Beijing Kung Fu Legend Show (北京红剧场功夫传奇)
Where: No.44, Xingfu Da Jie (崇文区幸福大街44号)
Dongcheng District, Beijing

Time: Everyday 17:15 & 19:30
English Hotline: 186 0002 9225
Price: Starts from 200 RMB at door, 140 RMB online booking
Email Book Tickets:


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