How Google will ruin Peking Duck for you forever

Well, I did it again. I Googled a delicious foreign delicacy that I love, only to find out that I’m basically a monster for eating it.

I once did this with the French luxury food, Foie Gras. After spending one morning Youtubing how it’s made, I spent the rest of the day in a corner rocking in the fetal position.

And now, I’ve just ruined Peking Duck, too.

Beijing/Peking Duck

This famous Chinese duck dish has been served on plates in China since the Imperial Era and is prized for its crispy skin an oh-so tender meat.

Stopping off at a local Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing, with my hubby and inlaws, we are treated to the works.

We order a whole duck to share and are seated in a private room with fancy chopsticks and chair covers.

As tradition goes, the duck is sliced in front of us, the diner guests, into about 100 thin slices of meat.


On the table are a bevy of side dishes including; cucumber sticks, scallion, sweet bean sauce, bok choy and pancakes.


We place a few key ingredients into our little pancakes and a waitress shows us how to seal them, without using our hands. Like magic!


The whole meal is delicious.

Well, was delicious.

Why you should never Google the food you love

Eager to make Peking duck myself, I began with a simple Google search.

But I found something a little more sinister than an easy 8 step Beijing Duck recipe.

Apparently, the ducks (typically, the White Beijing Duck) are specially bred for the dish and have a lifespan of a mere 40 – 65 days before slaughter.

In order for the meat to be fat and tender, the ducks are force-fed four times a day, and kept in very small spaces.

This results in each duck weighing between 5 – 7 kgs, not in the normal, healthy weight range, as you may have guessed.

So, basically I’m eating an unhappy, obese duck, which comes from a factory chain of unhappy, obese ducks.

Dammit, Google.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. spack60 says:

    Poor ducky 😕


  2. Mark Clulow says:

    That’s exactly WHY you should Google the food you love. Ever since I watched “Cowspiracy” and “Earthlings” I stopped eating animal products instantly and forever. It was one of the largest and simplest changes that ever happened to me. A light came on in my brain and I no longer desired the life of another fellow earthling to get my energy.
    I am fitter, happier and healthier than ever before and I only regret the 35 years before I ‘evolved’! ^_^

    Thanks for sharing this post all the same – I used to be a HUGE fan of the Beijing Duck ‘delicacy’


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