Crown yourself Emperor at New Yuan Ming Palace

Look, I don’t know. It just happened, OK?

One minute, we’re exploring the replica of Beijing’s Old Summer Palace and the next, I am up to my elbows in Imperial royalty robes of the Qing Dynasty.

Such is a visit to the New Yuan Ming Palace.

Worth a visit?


While it got a pretty bad wrap by Lonely Planet some years ago, I consider it one of the most interesting attractions in Zhuhai.

IMG_2257 - Version 2
Best part is, it’s totally free.

Located at the foot of the Stone Forest Mountains of Zhuhai, the park consists of 340 acres of beautiful gardens and lakes, plus a whole lot of “added-value” activities.

Gorgeous gardens featured throughout the park.


The New Yuan Ming Palace may only be one sixth of the size of its counterpart in Beijing but it still boasts some stunningly beautiful architecture.

IMG_2313 - Version 2.JPG
Gorgeously vibrant Asian-style buildings host a number of museum displays and artifacts.

What to do?

Here is just a small list of the highlights of the New Yuan Ming Palace:

  • Rent a paddle boat and cruise around the Emperor Lake


  • Take a cable car up Wan Jun mountain to a lookout point of the whole park and beyond.

  • Enjoy a night show of traditional Chinese dance and theatre. See video here. Note there is an entrance fee of 60RMB to the park after 6PM.

  • Kids and thrill-seekers will enjoy the massive water park, The Lost City, with plenty of slides and rides.

  • Take a ride on a dragon-shaped boat with traditional Chinese folk music and dancers on board.


  • There are three main buildings, each filled with interesting museums of costumes and wax figures.

Check out all there is to see and do below:

Click here to see enlarged view of the park map.



Plenty for the kids

(and the kids at heart)

To the right of the lake, there is a carnival area filled with all the favourite children’s rides you’d expect to see at your local county fair back home.

I kid you not, you can even bottle feed a pool full of fat goldfish.

IMG_2300 - Version 2


Affordable Water Park

Walking further around the lake, passing the outdoor theatre, there is a massive water park – The Lost City – boasting a number of water slides and rafting waterways.

Not to mention a manmade wave pool, waterfall, children’s pool, and drifting river that you can cruise down on a tube ring.

It costs about 40RMB for kids and 60RMB for adults.

(Word to the size though: there is said to be a weight limit of 70kg for most rides).

IMG_2335 - Version 2
Value-add: Blossoming lilies alongside the screams of the water park.


IMG_2330 - Version 2
It’s as steep as it looks.

Be an Emperor!

For a wonderfully cheesy souvenir of your outing, you can rent a royal costume and pose for a picture, for a relatively low price.

There are actors literally on hand to pose with you. Lovin’ the blue Nikes, buddy!


IMG_2273 - Version 2
If you treat yourself like royalty, others will follow suit. Right?


Photo magnets: Foreigners in Chinese clothing.


Special Events

The New Yuan Ming Palace hosts many events throughout the year, both for local holidays, i.e. Chinese New Year and foreign traditions, i.e. Halloween.

Most recently, it displayed a number of lanterns and lights throughout the park as part of the annual Lantern Festival.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Getting there

New Yuan Ming Palace: 圆明新园


Address: 圆明新园, 519070香洲区九州大道西兰埔

Map of the park: 

Bus: No. 1, 13, 25, 40, 60, 62, 69 to Yuanming Xinyuan stop (圆明新园站)



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