Mehhxi Royal Stone Archways, Zhuhai

Ah, the Meixi Royal Stone Archways. Where do I start? Well, the positives, of course.

The park spans 126,000 square metres and is filled with sturdy concrete, which is a marvelous shade of dull-grey and perfect for those who don’t like to get nature on their feet.

A haven for allergy sufferers.

The entrance fee is a steal at just 65 RMB per person – that’s about the same price you pay for going up the Eiffel Tower. Bargain!

This park is one of Zhuhai’s most ‘secret spots’ as it is practically deserted at all times of the day, leaving you ample space to picnic on the flat ground with the soothing honks of the freeway nearby.

A dragon fruit crop overlooking a major highway.

Selected parts of the surrounding gardens are nicely trimmed, with the rest of the park and adjoining cemetery, sprouting to life with a variety of exotic weeds.


Is this China’s own Stonehenge?

The star attraction of the park are three granite archways, standing an impressive 12-metres high. (There used to be four archways, but one got bumped off during the cultural revolution because of *explanation missing*).


The archways are basically in homage to a Chinese millionaire, Chen Fang, who made his fortune in Honolulu, Hawaii during the late 1800s.

After a ‘great flood’ in the town he donated some cash to help the townspeople get back on their feet. In turn, Emperor Guangxu donated these marvelous, big slabs of granite.

To the left of the arches, is an old Chinese village that comprises Mr Feng’s old place, a watchtower and servant’s quarters.

While some rooms have furniture, most employ the minimalist lifestyle, with bare walls galore.

While in the village, take a turn down Uncanny Valley, and into the Zhuhai celebrity wax museum, where you can take a selfie with China’s biggest ping pong sensation.

Introducing, Rong Guotuan. Winning ping pong skills, and smile.

Wow, what an adventure. It’s not hard to see why the Royally-Meh Stone Archways park is listed as one of Zhuhai’s Top 10 attractions.

So, what are you waiting for?

Address: Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province Chong Meixi village
Phone: (+86) 0756-8635652

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