Smooshface Cat Cafe

It’s a rainy day in Zhuhai. (Well, more like gale-force winds and flooding. Thank you, Tropical Cyclone Mujigae).

So, with all the gloom outside, what better way to cheer up than with a warm cuppa and a cuddle with some friendly, smoosh-face cats.

Off to the cat café we go!

The Café

The ‘Cat and Tea House’ cat cafe is about 15 minutes drive from Huafa New Town.

It is a little tough to find, the cafe is hidden on second floor of a small strip of shops.
It is a little tough to find, the cafe is hidden on second floor of a small strip of shops.

Inside the small cornerstore cafe are a handful of table and chairs, a few booths, and about a dozen or so of the cutest cats that ever lived. Period.

Sleep level: pro.
Sleep level: pro.

Customers inside, are not so much drinking as they are busy snapping selfies with flat-faced exotic shorthairs, blue-eyed white persians and some playful grey-striped tabbies.

Then I see them. Little smooshface kittens. My heart melts into my coffee. I’m in kitty paradise.

Cuteness overload.
Cuteness overload.

So, what’s it like?

Having a cup of coffee while cats battle with the chair legs beneath you, provides plenty of entertainment but pretty much kills any conversation you may hope to have with your date.


The cats themselves are quite sociable, which is amazing considering they spend all day tolerating over-friendly children and cameraphone crazed stalkers.

Concept: Selfies and stalking cats over coffee.
Concept: Selfies and stalking cats over coffee.

Most of the staff speak some English and some even fluently, which I haven’t experienced much when eating out in Zhuhai.

The cafe is basically a room full of adorable cats surrounded by cat lovers so the atmosphere is positively joyous, even if the food is a little over-priced.

Thankfully, the cats can also find some reprieve, in a special, large room that the waitresses/cat guardians scoop them into if they are getting hungry, thirsty or grumpy.


What’s really great is if you really can’t stand being cat-less one moment longer, you can take one home, for about 12,000 RMB. Uh, I think I left my purse at home..

What is even better – or worse, depending on your perspective – is that the cat cafe is located next to a pet shop, full or gorgeous, pure bred puppies.

Why go to a cat cafe?

I keep reading that having pets makes you healthier and happier, but for many of us expats, expensive animal transportation or the lure of cheap travel in Asia, means our dreams of a fluffy animal companion aren’t yet possible.

Cat cafes are now spreading across the world, with the first cat cafe opening in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998.

Now across Asia there are all types of new concepts, dog cafes, sheep cafes and even owl cafes.

But nothing beats the original for me. To sit at a table stroking a cat, sipping on a steaming cup of Joe and watching the world go by. Purfect.

Now, quickly! Get into my handbag while no one is looking..
Now, quickly! Get into my handbag while no one is looking …

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