That time we ended up in a Chinese music video

I’m standing to the side of a Chinese pop star, over-enthusiastically clapping, swaying and sweating under some piercingly bright stage lights.

Anyone can tell from my half-gritted smile that this pale foreigner has no idea what she’s doing here.
On either side of me, is my husband, and sister-in-law (who is visiting for just a few days from France).
Accidental music video debut: Just smile and wave, boys.
How it all went down
Somehow, while out for an evening stroll outside Huafa Mall, we are swept up onto a music video set and thrown front and centre, staring into a large camera.
'Famous' singer: But who is he?!
‘Famous’ singer: But who is he?!
We are the token foreigners, and we know it. But who cares! It’s still a buzz, albeit a little out of the box.
We’re amid a sea of locals who are all singing along with ‘the star’, whose level of fame could be anything from Madonna to Honey Boo Boo. I just don’t know where in the celebrity grade alphabet he fits.
Said ’star’ is holding a guitar and wearing an 80s-green zip sweater with thick black-framed glasses that have no lenses.
'Famous' singer: But who is he?!
‘Famous’ singer: But who is he?!
Perhaps it was peer pressure, or the fuzzy warm feeling of belonging, but I somehow began involuntary mouthing along to the songs despite not knowing a single lyric.
So glad no one was there with a camera…Face palm.
Faking happiness, surprisingly easy
Our sweaty, small director is hopping on one foot to another, eyebrows permanently raised and face full of expression. Using his best charades skills, he is directing us to clap, smile and wave our hands in the air (like we just dont care).
Also occasionally pointing to the camera. Telling us not to look at the camera.
By the last few takes, I really got into the groove of things and began busting out some of my best ‘Dad-on-the-dancefloor’ moves. Drunk me would be so proud.
My hubby – who I sometimes think values oxygen and attention equally – is thrilled by his five minutes of fame, and his sister has also got a neat, little travel story to tell.

As for me, well, now I have got a taste for film-extra fame, there is no going back.


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