China Cherry Pop

We have arrived in China!
Woah, it feels so strange to say that. It is now a reality. 
After a leisurely 12-hour flight, direct from Paris, we arrived to Hong Kong, which I was shocked to learn is, and isn’t, part of China. 

Wait. What? Hong Kong is a part of China, right?

So apparently, Hong Kong is classified as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) and so technically, is a part of China. 

Case closed then? 

Well, no, because up until 1997 Hong Kong was a colony of the United Kingdom. Today, they still have a binding agreement with the Motherland; that they will keep their own currency, legal system and Parliament for 50 golden years.

So Hong Kong is separate to China, too.

Ugh, confusing. Don’t even get me started about the different visas.

Hong Kong: Skyscraper Forest 

We are staying just two days at a basic but modern hotel in downtown Hong Kong, before we will take a boat over to the mainland to begin our new life in Zhuhai (pronounced “Joo High”, not “Zoo High”). 

First impressions: Hong Kong is big, businessy and chock-a-block with skyscrapers. 

Case in point: A skyscraper for every shoot of grass, it seems.

Home to about 7.1 million people, finding a reasonably-priced apartment in Hong Kong is outright laughable, according to our French expat friend *Philipe, who has resided in the bustling city for six years. 

We meet Philipe downtown, along a wide busy street, bustling with retail shops and double decker trams. It is also home to tech gadget heaven. 

Through a side door and up an escalator, we enter into a two-storey mega market of electronics. My peripheral vision quickly goes into overload as I try to spot the best bargains. 

Save me: Must. Not. Look. At. Techargains (Tech bargains.)

Computers, iPads, phones, even hologram keyboards. You name it, they got it. We managed to pull out a 300€ laptop and a few phone accessories, before getting too carried away. 

 Read more: ‘48 hours in Hong Kong‘. 

*Philipe: totally not his name. French guy named Philipe? C’mon.


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