48 hours in Hong Kong

Think Paris, and in your mind likely pops up images of the glittering Eiffel Tower. Rome, the Colosseum. London, Big Ben. 

Now, think Hong Kong.

Essentially a big, bustling business district, international tourism in Hong Kong arguably isn’t the bread winner of the the island city. 

But it doesn’t mean to say the centre is completely void of things to see and do, especially for those with a few days in transit.

1. Test your vertical-limit on the Peak Tram

The Victoria Peak tram knows how to set records. 

The burgundy brick – that looks more like a biscuit tin than a tram – travels at a 27 degree angle (at its steepest) to Victoria Peak. And so is the steepest railway in the world, according to the local tourism body, Discover Hong Kong. 

At 225 m above sea level it is also the highest point of the island. It’s also super old. It has been in operation for more than 100 years! (Starting back in May, 1888, to be precise).

It’s pretty fun to stand up and balance forward during the 8 minute incline to the top. 

A quick tip: if the queues are too long to handle, take the bus up or down. It’s a beautiful scenic route at a fraction of the price.


Victoria Peak Tram. Source: @DiscoverHongKong

2. See the skyscraper forest from on high

After your sharp incline to the top, take the escalators of the Peak Tower to the penthouse terrace for spectacular open air viewing. 

Be sure to go on a clear and sunny day otherwise it may not be worth the entrance fee. There is also no shade, so do like the Chinese do and bring a sun-blocking brolly!

3. Symphony of lights show while strolling Star Avenue

After you’ve filled up on dumplings for dinner, take a quick boat trip across the river and walk past the crowds and along a Star Avenue while the Hong Kong laser light show is happening. 


A chorus of lights: Great show but some might expect more.
In all honesty, the Symphony of Lights, has all the hallmarks of great show: Lasers shooting from skyscrapers across the harbour to heavy, catchy beats. But despite its potential, it falls a bit flat.

Instead, take a walk down Star Avenue, during the light show, and spot the big names encrusted in the pavement, including favourites Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, with much less of a crowd.

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