5 Reasons Why Having a Foreign Baby in China is AMAZING

I thought we had a “normal baby” but then I remembered, we’re foreign and live in China.


How Wechat can help you learn Chinese

Looking for a non brain-numbing way to learn Mandarin? Enter, Wechat!

8 Chinese habits that changed me for the better

One thing is sure when moving to China: things are going to change, and drastically. Here are the habits from home I lost while living behind the bamboo curtain that have ultimately changed me for the better.

That time I went to the nail salon and ended up in a wedding dress…

No, this isn’t me on my Wedding Day. No, this isn’t me on my Wedding Day. It’s Friday afternoon in downtown Gongbei, Zhuhai and my lovely friend and āyí, (nanny, literally meaning “aunt”), Su, is taking me to her beauty school where she studies. Su kindly invited me to have my nails painted – for…

How Google will ruin Peking Duck for you forever

Well, I did it again. I Googled a delicious foreign delicacy that I love, only to find out that I’m basically a monster for eating it. I once did this with the French luxury food, Foie Gras. After spending one morning Youtubing how it’s made, I spent the rest of the day in a corner rocking in…

Shit China Expats Say

Living in Zhuhai these past 10 months, there have been ups, downs and in-betweens. Today, I took to Buzzfeed’s community section to voice some of the most common things you hear living as an expat in China. Enjoy! And please add your own in the comment section below or on Twitter. Read: Shit China Expats Say    

My Crazy China Birth Story – Part Two

Pregnancy pop quiz!

“How much time do you have after your waters break before you go into labour?”

A few hours? Half a day? Mere minutes?

How about, EIGHT DAYS.